Silver Entrepreneur Interview with Sophie Kho of Sylvia’s Lace

Silver Entrepreneur Interview with Sophie Kho of Sylvia’s Lace

Sophie Kho created Sylvia’s Laces as a tribute to her mum’s legacy and to epicycle rare vintage laces for more people to learn to appreciate the history behind the laces.

Sylvia’s Lace – Vintage Lace Collection was started by Sophie Kho after she retired from her role as Editor of Home & Decor Magazine. She transforms handmade laces from the collection of her mother, Sylvia Kho, into custom angels and accessories. Sylvia Kho was a prominent bridal couturier in Singapore from the 1950s to 1990s. She designed and custom-made wedding gowns using elaborate laces imported from Europe. 

It is a passion project to celebrate my mum’s contribution to Singapore’s history. The laces she left behind in the heritage collection is also part of history of bridal gown design. These wonderful fabrics are vintage bridal laces from 1970s and 1980s. They are remnants of a more refined quality of textiles that were made on looms in family workshops in France, Austria and Switzerland. They are gone now, swallowed up by mass market fabrics. Now you get cheap machine laces, thin laces woven in polyester not superfine 100% cotton.

“I want to keep her heritage alive, show appreciation, and introduce fabrics to people. It is a passion project to celebrate my mum’s contribution to Singapore’s history. 

Sophie Kho, Silver Entrepreneur and Designer, Sylvia’s Laces

Mum left behind a lot of wedding gowns that were ex-rentals. She pioneered the rental market. Everyone wanted a gown, but it was hard to afford one. Hence she rented them to make it affordable. The better ones she kept, and it ended up in my attic. So what I did was to disassemble. I removed all the beautiful laces and threw away the basic gowns. This became basis of Sylvias Lace.

The most popular items that I sell are the vintage lace Angels. Our motto is – an Angel to watch over you.” It can be for a child, someone who is ill, young or old, anytime of the year. My vision for the brand is to continue to heighten the appreciation the heritage behind it and my mum. 

If there is one thing you would like to change about Ageism, what would it be?

Older people are not invisible. Our voices matter.


Sylvia's Laces - Vintage Lace Collection is available for sale at Ageing Asia Marketplace. Net sale proceeds go to Pathlight School.

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