Ton Ton Sumo Programme

Ton Ton Sumo Programme

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As people get older their throat function declines, making it harder to breathe and swallow food.

Choking is the leading cause of death among the elderly and the best prevention method is through the recovery of throat function by increasing vocalisation. This rehabilitation is not fun at all and the elderly are usually reluctant to use their voices. However, we have created a fun rehabilitation for elderly through collaboration with Occupational therapists.

Ton Ton Voice Sumo – We repurposed ton ton voice sumo, a sport popular with the elderly. The sumo ring vibrates with the player’s voice. They say TonTon (Meaning Go-Go) which then moves the sumos via the mechanism.

“I was surprised everyone was able to raise their voices like that. All of the elderly in Japan should try this. The muscles required for eating are certain to recover with this.” – Ryokichi Kamiya, Director, Hitorizawa Clinic

“i’m completely engrossed. Ton Ton Sumo enables the elderly a fun opportunity to raise their voices, it also contributes to increased communication across the entire facility.” – Elderly Participant

– Ton Ton Voice Sumo will save the super-ageing Japan
– It’s a rehabilitation you’ll want to do
– This is the first for the world
– Turning Rehabilitation into ReFunbilitation